Celestial Greetings

A very happy hello to you all on the joyous occasion of my first blog post. To celebrate I’ve toasted myself with a martini glass full of salted caramel bars enrobed in dark chocolate dressing gowns. Whilst a delicious start to blogging, this also means no lovely photos of said bars. Take my word for it; they looked lovely and tasted simply divine.

My baking name (like a stage name, only more likely to be covered in icing sugar, unless you go to much more racy and progressive theatres than me) is Halo and I specialise in baking delicious gluten free goodies and hand crafting delectable chocolate treats. I currently live in beautiful Birmingham in the UK and have set up shop to supply gluten intolerant (and gluten very tolerant, no discrimination here) people throughout the UK with fantabulous treats and experimental delights.

Over the next month I will be running through my chocolate repertoire; salted caramel bars, chilli lime temples, passionfruit kisses, peanut hearts, mango truffles, coconutty lime truffles, all-butter fudge, oh, and a few experimental flavours such as marmite, bacon, and tequila (oh, it makes me happy…you know you were singing it!), in order to dazzle them in the lights of their first professional photos. Equally keen to take the stage will be my gluten free cake pops in a variety of designs and flavours, and my rather fantastic gluten free cupcakes and gluten free large cakes. Head shots completed I’ll be opening up the Emporium for orders on Etsy and sharing the delights with people throughout the UK.

First photos hopefully up this weekend, it all depends on the willpower not to eat the treats as soon as they’re made. I may strap my ice hockey helmet on as a safeguard.




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