Chilli Lime Temples and Chilli Slammers Part One

I’ve made heroic inroads into the Tequila this morning – don’t fret, this isn’t a cry for help, I’ve been using it to marinate the chillies that tomorrow will be stuffed with a tequila lime ganache and dipped in white chocolate and sea salt. Like a Tequila slammer, only with added chilli and chocolate and acceptable before the sun is over the yard arm.

Chillies marinating in Silver Dreams tequila

Chillies and lime have been rather a feature of the chocolaterie today, assisting in the creation of a delightfully exotic aroma and these fantastically spicy chilli lime temples. A white chocolate temple containing a ganache made of powdered crushed chillies, finest dark Belgian chocolate, and lime.

Not quite Temples of Doom, more Temples of Delight

Now I think it’s high time we had a talk about these flavours. Take a seat please and don’t look so worried, this is really rather marvellous to know. My Emporium contains no “flavourings”. A chilli and lime chocolate is just that, created from fresh lime and real chillies. A Passion Fruit Kiss has that special fresh taste and aroma thanks to the real passion fruit that fills it. Coconut Lime Truffles are made from Angry Norman’s brethren, Peanut Butter Hearts are made from any peanut butter that lasts longer than 30 minutes in the Emporium (I do love peanut butter)…you get the idea. It’s this refusal to compromise on quality, and dedication to real fresh flavours that makes the Emporium so special.

Well, that and our awesome dance skills. We’re capable of not just cutting a rug like nobody’s business, but also weaving it back together without breaking the beat or dropping a step. Much like a box of these chocolates will be, it’s a gift.

Dancing into the Tequila Sunset, Halo from the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie in Birmingham UK.


One thought on “Chilli Lime Temples and Chilli Slammers Part One

  1. I swear by jose cuervo for tequila – the silver is very smooth and makes a fantastic frozen margarita (passion fruit or mango being my favourite but you can always rely on a classy lime one).

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