Cocoa Frosted Cupcakes (gluten free), and the forgotten fairy cake

Starry Sunday salutations to you all from the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie. We’re putting on our serious adjudicator faces and diving deep into a contentious topic today: cupcakes or fairy cakes?

Shrugging off what resembles nothing so much as a satin dressing gown and sipping a restorative cup of tea in the British corner we have the fairy cake; beloved mainstay of children’s parties, slightly understated in that wonderfully British way, and (drum roll please) capable of being modified into butterfly cakes with a simple scoop off the top and a spoonful of jam and icing.

Feinting to the left and rolling to the right in the American corner is the cupcake; bolder, brasher, bigger, and bringing the adults to their feet stomping and hollering in appreciation.

Here at the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie we think (in this case at least) it’s not the size that matters for success; as agony aunts keep advising, it’s not what you’ve got but what you DO with it that counts. And let’s be honest, a thin scraping of water based icing and some teeth-shatteringly solid silver balls simply don’t cut it in the sophistication stakes anymore.

The gluten free cupcakes from the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie combine the best of British with some USA flair; not so large you slip into a diabetic coma after just one, but with a rich buttercream frosting that’s sweet and sophisticated. Pictured here are the decadent Cocoa Frosted Gluten Free Cupcakes, dotted with mini chocolate stars.

Cocoa Frosted Gluten Free Cupcakes - with stars, because it's Sunday.

Pondering the question of whether cupcakes have edged out fairy cakes forever by aiming for the adult market, or if they will make a surprise patriotic resurgence in time for the Jubilee, this is Halo from the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie in Birmingham UK signing off.

Gluten Free Cupcakes packaged in the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie's colours and ready to go to a lucky customer!

PS: We still like making gluten free butterfly cakes with our mom though.


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