Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Pops

A cake popping kind of day in the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie today. Gluten free chocolate cake smooshed (I know that’s not technically a word but it SHOULD be) together with cocoa buttercream frosting, lollipop-sticked, and finally dipped in melted Belgian white chocolate and drizzled with a contrasting chocolate. (And a few Sunshine Gluten Free Cake Pops in there too!)

I’ve also been failing in my attempt to create a song about cake popping based on Elton John’s Crocodile Rock. Thus far all I have, and all I’ve been endlessly crooning away to myself in the Emporium’s kitchen, is; “Well cake popping is something shocking, grab some cake and give it a twirl…”

Yes that’s it. I’m a baker and chocolatier, not a lyricist! And clearly with good reason.

A couple of tips for you from the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie on this day of joyously gluten free cake popping;

  1. When baking gluten free chocolate cake, adding some soured cream to batter helps keep it wonderfully moist once baked. It also helps avoid that grainy granular texture you sadly find all too often in mass produced store bought gluten free products.
  2. If all you can invent is the first two lines of a chorus for a song, don’t sing those two lines endlessly for 20 minutes whilst stirring a batch of fudge. It will not jog your creative brain to come up with more lyrics, and will royally annoy all around you.

Gluten Free Chocolate Drizzled Cake Pops fresh from the drizzling!

Gluten Free Cake Pops all packaged up and ready to go

Certainly stopping the off-key repetitive warbling now, this is Halo from the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie in Birmingham UK signing off.


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