Ginger Spice Ball Macaroons – gluten free

These sublime little delicacies have been a Christmas gift favourite amongst the Halo family for some time, and are perfect to savour throughout the year. In the kitchen of the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie here in Birmingham in the UK we usually enjoy them with a cup of good coffee and a multitude of appreciative noises; lots of uummms and aaaahs reverberating the walls this morning.

Ginger Spice Ball Macaroons from the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie in Birmingham UK.

I’ve been making these, with various tweaks of the recipe, for years, long before my gluten intolerance diagnosis. They are wonderfully warming and comforting, with a combination of textures that is just perfect. On the topic of gluten intolerance, pray excuse me now whilst I give vent to my feelings and sink into a soupcon of a rant about living gluten free. If you’d like to skip that do go to the end where there’s a nice bit about cinnamon and the winning lottery ticket numbers.

Ginger Spice Ball Macaroons fresh from the baking, and just before I wolfed down half the tray. Ginger and cinnamon are good for you, as are almonds, so that's ok then.

I have been driven near to despair by attempted eating out experiences, and by the purchasing of products prominently labelled “gluten free”. In the latter case, so many of them taste horrendous, or are stuffed chock full of additives, salt and sugar that has long since vanished from their glutened equivalents in the interest of not poisoning consumers. And the calorie count for these tasteless sugar-laden, grainy-textured, dry-mouth-causing “foods”? Don’t get me started – when I discovered a disgusting “chocolate chip muffin” from the supermarket had not only tasted like ash but taken up 587 calories I had to restrain myself from marching on their headquarters.

In the former case too few establishments take the gluten free requirement with the seriousness it deserves, or lavish the same care and attention on their gluten free menus. As an example, a restaurant I visited some months ago promised it could cater for a gluten free diet. I would like to emphasise here that I am gluten free by medical necessity rather than dietary choice, so it isn’t an option for me to change my mind at the restaurant and dive headfirst into the bread basket. When I arrived the “catering” extended to brightly informing me that I could have number 74 on the menu with rice noodles instead, but no sauce, no prawns, and no seasoning. Once all the gluten contaminated items were removed from the hallowed number 74, I was left with a plate of plain rice noodles and broccoli. Very worthy and nutritious, but a meal I would never have served to a guest at home, let alone asked for full payment in a restaurant for. (Yes, they tried to charge full price for that.)

Which means that these wonderful Ginger Spice Ball Macaroons have an extra special space in my heart as a delicious treat that has needed no tweaking or re-working to fit into my new dietary regime. No sauce has needed to be scraped off, no flavours removed; the taste is unadulterated and packs a gingery spicy punch that delights with no compromises. These tasty treats are made with finely chopped fresh ginger, generous helpings of cinnamon, ground almonds, egg white, and a bit of sugar. Both ginger and cinnamon are aids to digestion, so these work perfectly as a small delight to serve with coffee at the end of a meal. Or you could take a leaf out of my book and use them to pep up your morning! So scrumptious in their own right, and an absolute heaven sent alternative to the usual gluten free “brownie” for those of us that are gluten free.

Available to purchase as a box of 12 for £10 from my Etsy shop so you can share the gluten free love!

Ginger Spice Ball Macaroons packaged up and ready to spread the good gluten free love!

The winning lottery numbers last week were 2,8,11,28,35 and 44, with the bonus ball being 17. Halo from the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie in Birmingham UK signing off a winner in the baking stakes at least…


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