Wedding Bells

I would say it feels like simply aaaages since I last posted, but in truth it feels more like an age, a veritable eon since I last caught up. The reasons for this are many and varied, but most pertinent is the soon to be chiming wedding bells in the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie in Birmingham UK. Yes, ask not whom the bell tolls for dear reader, it tolls for me! (Although not in quite such a morbid fashion.)

Icing sugar clouds obscuring the entire kitchen and a multitude of tweaking to recipes are the first harbingers of the impending nuptials, swiftly followed by never having enough time in the day to create and test all the wedding delights, let alone plan the parts of the day that can’t be dipped in chocolate or drizzled with honey. (Less than you may think.)

I have been baking some melt in the mouth miniature jam tarts, lemon curd morsels, traditional honey wedding cake, and an absolute embarrassment of gluten free pastry riches in the form of miniature pies to be chomped in the garden after the ceremony. Some of these have lasted long enough to be photographed, others disappeared into the gaping maw of the ever hungry testers, however I promise I will share some of these soon, along with a few new tips and tricks I’ve picked up through increasing amounts or miniaturising the delights.

In a continual state of surprise at the amount of planning yet to do, Halo from the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie in Birmingham UK.


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