Quinoa Porridge – gluten free, with recipe

I was inspired to try this recipe out by the ever wonderful Thug Kitchen. Heed this warning though, their site is pretty much the epitome of Not Suitable For Work as regards foul language, so click at your peril!

You can find their original recipe here. I’ve changed it ever so slightly and made it gluten free to boot, and absolutely love this for a warming winter breakfast. You can also reheat it later for a snack or lunch, however if you leave it cold it does go a bit…gloopy is the best word I think. Gloopy.

Easy, full of protein and slow release carbs, and delicious. Quinoa is a pseudocereal, so is naturally gluten free. It also gets a lot of column inches for being a complete protein as well, which is true, however don’t get too excited, it does have less protein than most beans. The gluten free oats in the recipe are also high in protein for a cereal, as well as being full of beneficial soluble fibre, more than any other grain. Real oats are a wonderful addition to the diet due to their slow release of energy, their soluble fibre, and of course, the beta-glucans that all the adverts harp on about.

The other ingredients in this delicious dish are packed full of health improving properties as well. Coconut oil is amazing all round; smear it on your face, rub it into your hair, although maybe not at the same time as you’re making breakfast. As you might have guessed, coconut oil is a fat, and what a good one for you it is. Loads of lauric acid, and some studies have shown it helps burn fat in general when ingested. It is very high calorie, so a little really will go a long way! Cinnamon is touted as a metabolism improver, although, much like many claims of this nature, I think studies showed you’d need to eat something like 10 teaspoons a day to see the benefits! The same as garlic, another wonderful tasty favourite of mine, which requires 6 bulbs to be eaten daily to gain the cancer fighting benefits. So I recommend just enjoying these ingredients because of the way they taste rather than trying to see them as cure all medicines.
Enough evangelising, on with the recipe!

Warming and delicious gluten free quinoa porridge.

Warming and delicious gluten free quinoa porridge.

Gluten Free Quinoa Porridge Recipe


• ½ cup Gluten free oats
• 2tsp virgin coconut oil
• ½ tsp ground cinnamon
• ¼ tsp salt – I use Himalayan pink salt. Use what you have.
• Water
• ½ cup whole milk


1. Firstly, rinse the quinoa that you are using very well. If you don’t, it will taste bitter. Yeuch.
2. Boil a kettle so that you have near boiling water to hand.
3. Melt the coconut oil in a milk pan over a very low heat – it melts fast, so the first couple of notches on the dial will do it.
4. Add the gluten free oats, and stir them about to cover them in the oil. Turn up the heat a little, and keep moving the oats about. They will start to smell toasty.
5. Add the rinsed quinoa, and immediately add the water to cover the quinoa and an inch or so on top too.
6. Stir about, add the cinnamon and salt.
7. My quinoa cooks in 10 minutes, but check your pack to see if it requires longer. (Or just keep tasting.) Stir frequently as the quinoa cooks, and if needed, add a touch more water to keep it moist.
8. After 10 minutes, or when quinoa is looking nice and fluffy, add the milk.
9. Stir well to combine and just gently heat through.
10. Serve! You can tart this recipe up with fruit, honey, nuts, or any breakfast based treat you like, but for my preferences I like it just as it is, a perfect mix of sweet and savoury.

Wishing you happy breakfasts, Halo from the Halo Baking Emporium and Chocolaterie in Moseley Birmingham UK.


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